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Forensic Science Laboratory

Mission & Vision

In order to achieve the vision, the following operational aspects shall be ensured in the journey to organisational excellence, in terms of product/service, customer, geographical and technological aspects:

• To provide high standard forensic services using validated and internationally recognised test methods for competence and global equivalence.
• To serve the Police department, our valued customers with state-of-the-art testing activities to enable them meet the requirements of the Judicial system thus ensuring its excellent functioning.
• Forensic services will continually be made available to Mauritius, Rodrigues and the neighbouring islands and to whoever might require our expertise and experience.
• To make full use of forensic testing tools, techniques and available technologies through internationally organised events, proficiency testing and interlab comparison exercises.
• To provide adequate training and education to all staff to enable them release their full potential.
In line with the Prime Minister’s Office envisioned future consisting of attaining organisational excellence and enhancing the competence of public institutions, the vision of Forensic Science Laboratory is to:
“To be the benchmark in providing Forensic Science services for testing competence, global acceptance and recognitions for the enhancement of the Judicial system.”